Jell-O Trophies
If you tire of the clutter, recycle trophies from years past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

Hotdish Hoedown 2008
The 2008 Hotdish Hoedown was dedicated to the memory of Karen Faster’s mother, Penny Bosselmann, who died December 30, 2007. Penny taught Karen her first hostessing skills.

Hotdish Hoedown 2007

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Updated January 25, 2009

Hotdish Hoedown 2009

green jell-o ring, obama tax policy, box of jell-o nailed to wall  

During the second presidential debate, John McCain said that pinning down Barack Obama's tax proposals is like nailing Jell-O to the wall."

Hotdish Hoedown guests all know that nailing Jell-O to the wall is easy.

Karen Faster is celebrating her 19th Hotdish Hoedown on Saturday, January 31. Please e-mail her for the time and location.

Note: This is a private, invitation-only party.

Jell-O contest categories

  • Best and/or worst of politics
  • Our true treasure: What we haven't lost in the economic debacle
  • Best wedding anniversary
  • Best special effects, including use of color
  • Best tale told

rows of jell-o trophies on kitchen peninsula
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