Jell-O Trophies
If you tire of the clutter, recycle trophies from years past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

Hey adults — if your childhood bedroom is still full of debate and tennis trophies, make your parents happy and contribute those trophies to future Jell-O Contest winners.

Hotdish Hoedown 2008
Dedicated to the memory of Karen Faster’s mother, Penny Bosselmann.

Hotdish Hoedown 2007

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Ohio Avenue

Updated February 6, 2011



Who thought a simple housewarming potluck
back in 1991 would lead to the

20th Hotdish Hoedown

January 30, 2010

No, the photos have not been posted. But here are a few links to keep you entertained.

Jiggle Your Jell-O T-Shirt

Their T-Square Is the Jelly Mold, New York Times, March 31, 2009

Artist Danielle Spencer's Turkey-shaped Jell-OŽ Mold Competitions, 2005-2010

  • Bring a hotdish, salad, dish to pass. Please label your dish as to its meat content.
  • Drinks (beer, wine, juice, water and maybe root beer) will be provided.
  • Food pantry donations encouraged.
  • For children whose parents are attending, supervised and option al activities are available.
  Jell-O Contest
  Participation is optional. Hoedown guets select winners through secret vote. Festive trophies will be awarded. This year's contest categories:
  • Best use of funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or the Troubled Assets Relief Prograom
  • Best explanation of where the time goes
  • Best use of color and/or special effects
  • Best tale told, including fairy tales, books, movies, original works
  • Best pun

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