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Jell-O contest categories for 2003
You can recycle trophies from years' past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

Updated Dec. 14, 2003
Posted Jan. 9, 2003

2004 is
Jan. 31

2003 photos of people
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Photos of 2003 Jell-O

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Hoedown season is upon us. Already people are anticipating the bright lights and hot food at the 2004 Hotdish Hoedown, which is Saturday, Jan. 31, the last (fifth) Saturday of January.

Post-Hoedown buzz

"Who made that Tator Tot Hotdish with the precisely aligned tator tots?" Folks are clamoring for the recipe, so will the chef please send it to the hostess?

Again this year we encourage donations of SPAM and other canned meats to the food pantry. "People just don't donate canned meat, and we have a lot of demand for it," says Atwood Community Center assistant director and Hoedown guest Lisa Jacob.

More important than canned meat, child care again will be available.

And most of all, we're seeking suggestions for Jell-O contest categories, so send your ideas to the hostess at karen@ohioavenue.com.

Last year's report

The hostess would like to thank the setup and takedown crews: Judy, Lauri, Kim, Chris, Emily, Lisa, Laura, Terese, JB, Brent, Becky, Kathy, Lorne, Nancy, Jim and ???. Thanks to Terese and Lois for the photos.

We collected 173 units of canned meat, 131 of them Spam, plus a leftover bag of nacho chips.

exploed cans of water
The hostess is happy to report that on post-Hoedown Monday, she found her packet of checks temporarily lost in the rubble in her car. She also found a case of exploded, frozen fizzy water under her driver's seat.

A variety of items were left behind, the most intriguing being a black speckled kettle. Telephone the hostess, and she will leave your container on the front porch for you to pick up.

Too much clutter in your home? Feel free to recycle your Jell-O trophies by leaving them on the front porch of the hostess' home.

Hoedown song sheets

Lost items

Shopping needs

Laura Bush and hotdish

Gelatin bandage may aid tissue repair

Hoedown 2002

Hoedown 2003 announcement


Special Spam bulletin
Canned meats on sale

spam and cat
This cookbook could be yours if you bring the most Spam by weight or the most (unopened) containers of Spam to donate to the food pantry.

The 12th Hotdish Hoedown is at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 25, 2003. Not sure how to get there? E-mail or call the hostess.

Please bring a hotdish, salad, dessert or some other dish to pass. Please label your dish as to whether it contains fish, beef, pork, etc.

Hotdish "really came into its own after World War II … The busy hostess loved the casserole because, at last, she could go to her own party. … [T]he casserole could be made in the time it took to open a can and turn on the oven and sip a martini."

Karal Ann Marling
"O, Casserole,"
Minnesota Hotdish, 1995

Drinks (beers, wine, juice, water and apple cider) will be provided.

Jell-O contest entry is optional.

Hoedown guests are asked to bring Spam (unopened) as a contribution to the Atwood Community Center food pantry. Any canned meat product is acceptable.

For children whose parents are attending, supervised (and optional) activities take place in the basement.

Have friends or relatives visiting? Know someone who has heard about the Hoedown and always wanted to attend? Bring them along, but please let the hostess know.

Too much clutter in your home? Feel free to recycle your Jell-O trophies by leaving them on the front porch of the hostess' home.

If you are not going to attend, please let the hostess know. (Or, send regrets after the party. This keeps you on the guest list.)

Hoedown song sheets

Lost items

Shopping needs

Gelatin bandage may aid tissue repair

Hoedown 2002