Hoedown song sheets

Jell-O contest categories for 2003
You can recycle trophies from years' past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

Shopping needs
• table clothes (don't pay more than $1 each)
• forks at St. Vinny's (don't pay more than 10 cents each), and
• trophies and cool Jell-O molds (while priceless, they should go for less than a buck each).

Stuff can be left on the hostess' front porch, and she'll reimburse you.

Updated Dec. 14, 2003
Posted Feb. 4, 2003





Original plea
for Spam

donated Spam on pantry shelf

Hotdish Hoedown guests donated 131 cans of SPAM and 42 units of other canned meats. Lisa, Hoedown guest and Atwood Community Center assistant director, says, "This is the first time I've seen that shelf full. Thank you."