2004 Jell-O
If you tire of the clutter, recycle trophies from years past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

Hoedown song sheets

Ohio Avenue

Posted Feb. 8, 2004

Hotdish Hoedown 2004

As the people struggle to understand
political and global change, they turn to challenging art forms …

Jell-O in 2004

The contest categories

jell-o mold

Sometimes simpler is better:
Jell-O mold, by Tammy

mello jello

tile with jell-o grout

Above: Jim and Ed won in the performance art category because, of course, watching grout dry is almost as exciting as watching paint dry.


finding nemo

Above: Lydia and Emma found Nemo,
and won Best Tale Told.

Right: Fortunately, Nemo was not on the Atkins menu for the Hoedown.

Right: Another tale to tell, but in the current events category, what happens when a princess and prince just can't get along.

Below: They could learn a few things from Lois and R.J., who celebrated 15 years together on Hoedown night.



The contest categories

wedding cake
deficit in jell-o
ice palace in jell-o

Jell-O makes the world go round

Above: We can't say it any better than this: Jell-O makes the world go round. By Calli.

Left: A little bit of Minnesota graces the Hoedown, this St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace. By Corey, Lisa and Mike.

The First Light Bulb

Working in his lab late one night in 1879, Thomas Edison discovered a way to control the electrical current running through a carbon filament, thus clearing the final hurdle of a fifty-year effort to create a commercially viable elctric light bulb.

This JELL-O® exhibit celebrates this famous "current" event.

Presented by Zoe and Joe B. (Moral support provided by Oskar B.)

lightbulb jell-o
lego my jello

Great minds think alike

jello concealed weapon1
jello concealed weapon2

winter wonderland

yo-yo ma's Jell-O

Above: Yo-Yo Ma's Jell-O by Nelson.

Left: A prognosticative memory by JoAnn.