Hoedown song sheets

Jell-O contest categories for 2002
You can recycle trophies from years' past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

Book survives immersion in Jell-O

Updated Jan. 3, 2004
Posted Jan. 6, 2002

Hotdish Hoedown

If you see a good deal on any of these items, please contact the hostess, or buy them and the hostess will reimburse you. Don't worry about the color scheme -- that depends on the accessories available at the moment. Don't spend more than $1 for any single item -- and forks go for about 10 cents each at St. Vinny's.

Shopping needs
• table clothes (don't pay more than $1 each)
• forks at St. Vinny's (don't pay more than 10 cents each), and
• trophies and cool Jell-O molds (while priceless, they should go for less than a buck each).

Stuff can be left on the hostess' front porch, and she'll reimburse you. Thanks a lot.