Jell-O Trophies
If you tire of the clutter, recycle trophies from years past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

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Updated April 3, 2007
Posted Jan. 8, 2006


Show your Hoedown pride.

Pick up a bumper sticker at the party and put it on your car.

Make other people happy.

(Not to mention the hostess.)

Jell-O Contest

  • Best thing about kindergarten
  • Best thing about high school
  • Best representation of current affairs
  • Best special effects, including performance art, use of color
  • Best tale told, including fairy tales, books, movies, original works
  • Best pun

2006 Jell-O entries

Hot dishes are a time-saver. You mix the meat, its accompanying starch and vegebatle, and the sauce of choice. One you've popped the dish in the oven, you have an hour to unwind.

Ann L. Burckhardt
preface to Hot DIsh Heaven, 2006

Hotdish Hoedown 2007 Invitation

Kindly bring a hotdish, salad, dessert or some other homemade dish to pass. Drinks (beer, wine, juice, water and maybe root beer) are provided.

Participation in the Jell-O contest is optional.

All Hoedown guests are asked to bring Spam to donate to the food pantry.

Children will find engaging activities going on in the basement with trained, highly skilled child-care providers. Most of the child-free adult guests aren't really aware of all that goes on down there. Parents or designated guardian must be on the premises.

Please honor the hostess' control issues and don't invite extra guests without asking the hostess. This is a private, invitation-only party, and chairs go quickly. Last year, strangers showed up. Good thing they didn't take a bumper sticker.

If you know you can't attend, let the hostess know. The hall fills to capacity, and if your family is out of town, that could free up some seats for out-of-town relatives of regular Hoedown guests or new coworkers of the hostess.

Hotdish Hoedown 2007 should be the second-to-last year at the Atwood Community Center, 2425 Atwood Ave. The new building is to be ready in time for the 2009 Hoedown

If you need to know the date or time for this year's gathering, or it you have other questions, please contact the hostess,

The Tale of Hotdish Hoedown 2006

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