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Best response (or lack thereof) to a natural or political disaster

Best special effects, including performance art and best use of color
Best tale told
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Best pun

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Ohio Avenue

Posted Feb. 5, 2006

Hotdish Hoedown 2006

jell-o as beer creature from the black lagoon

Above: A cure for what ales ya.

Above right: The creature from the black lagoon -- maybe that's what's ailing you ...

Below: Groucho Marx has a special effect.

Right: More special effects: The smoking ban.

cigarettes in yello Jell-O
groucho marx special effect
haven't a clue

Left: Last year's Inspector Gadget creator finds a clue and solves the mystery: Colonel Jell-O did it in the kitchen with a mold. He never grows old.


Below: But the mystery continues ... who is that masked man, er, turtle? Donajello, one of the best things about kindergarten

cookies and milk -- in Jell-O The best things about kindergarten.
flowers in jell-O
dinosaurs in Jell-O The change in color may be the publisher's imagination -- but are the dinosaurs moving in the La Brea Jell-O Pits?
dinosaurs in more Jell-O
jell-O fever
Best response (or lack thereof) to a political or natural disaster: "You're doin' a heck of a job, Brownie!"
animated brownie
All the best things about kindergarten and Lowell School -- writing, math, stories, naps, you name it.