Jell-O Trophies
If you tire of the clutter, recycle trophies from years past by leaving them on the hostess' front porch.

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Updated April 3, 2007
Posted Jan. 8, 2006

Hotdish Hoedown 2007

We need you to fill empty food pantry shelves

stack of SPAM with question mark at top of pyramid

Fabulous prizes for the most cans of SPAM donated to the Atwood Community Center food pantry will be granted, thanks to an anonymous donor.

Bring your donation to the Hotdish Hoedown and log in. Likely have to be present to collect prize, though not to be applauded.

SPAM challenge: 2003 was the first year at the Atwood Community Center asked the Hotdish Hoedown hostess to challenge guests to bring SPAM to stock the food pantry.

"When you're homeless or living in a car without electricity, SPAM is an important source of food," the hostess says. "It is portable. It is a good source of protein and calories. It doesn't need a can opener."

"I was shocked to see how expensive SPAM is," she continues. "At $2.20 a can, the cost adds up quickly. I bought 10 cans this year, and another guest told me she bought more than 15.

"In 2003 my guests contributed more than 130 cans," she says. "I hope we can top that this year."

Hoedown invitation and protocol

Help complete the food pyramid and bring your SPAM donations to the Atwood Community Center when you pass a dish at the Hotdish Hoedown.

Jell-O Contest Categories

  • Best thing about kindergarten
  • Best thing about high school
  • Best representation of current affairs
  • Best special effects, including performance art, use of color
  • Best tale told, including fairy tales, books, movies, original works
  • Best pun

2006 Jell-O entries

Hotdish Hoedown 2007: Jell-O Contest

Members of Ladies Aid stopped by the hostess' house, heated up their glue guns and created the 2007 round of trophies for the Jell-O contest. Competition is expected to be fierce this year as the cohort of high school seniors plan their strategy.

Asked what flavor of Jell-O she bought them, their professional shopper reported at Scrabble night Thursdsay that she picks up several of every color.

Some in the party despaired at having to get up and collect the trophies for their more retiring colleagues. They threatened to leave after dropping off their creations. Others argued that they had to stay at the party, that their true media are popsicle sticks and glue guns available in the basement studio.

"Ah," thinks the hostess. "They like the glue guns. They could join Ladies Aid or its Auxiliary if they stay in town after high school. I hope they remember to send me their postal and electronic addresses …"

To reach the hostess, send an e-mail to

lots o' boxed jell'o on shelf -- and flan trophies

Show your Hoedown pride.

Pick up a bumper sticker at the party and put it on your car.

Make other people happy.

(Not to mention the hostess.)

The Tale of Hotdish Hoedown 2006

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